Systems Design with LDorado

OEM Passenger Car

As electrical system design is so important to its vehicles, car manufactures are aiming at effectively enhancing the necessary competences, pre-services, methods, processes and technologies. This is why this special chapter focuses on the topic of electrical system design by LDorado.

Image source: BMW AG

OEM Trucks and Busses

The Electric / Electronic achieved in modern, high-value commercial vehicles a share of 30% or more. Moreover, it can be fulfilled a number of legal requirements only by the use of electronically controlled systems.

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The number of electronic functions in the aircraft has increased with each new electrical system generation. In addition, the demands on the aircraft-side infrastructure in the electrical system have increased substantially.

Suppliers and supply chain

Production and delivery, and outstanding quality must be ensured from the first day of production to the end of the life cycle of an electrical system or wiring harness along the entire supply chain.


Image source: Leoni AG

LDorado is an industry leading engineering tool for assisting electrical systems design and is wide spread within the development departments of premium car manufacturers and international acting automotive suppliers. The components of the broad LDorado tool suite cover the whole electrical design process by using the KBL standard - from the first system sketch down to production documentation.

The sophisticated change management documentation of LDorado allows replacing the old fashioned way of manual sketching on paper. So different variants of the design may be derived very easily.


Exporting geometrical data from 3D CAD models enables the use of already existing data and helps optimizing costs during the design process. This leads to different options and a full flexibility in the production process.


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