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Wire Harness Drawings

Electrical Schematics and Topology - Visualization, Analysis, Interpretation and Calculation

Taking existing electro-logical and topological data the wire harness drawing is easily created in LDorado Design. Even it’s possible to begin the design from scratch, work needs not to be done twice.


A free of cost viewer is available for viewing and displaying binary LDorado sheets.


For creating the graphical symbols for schematic and wire harness design the SVG editor LDorado Tweaker is offered. Symbols may be imported as DXF or SVG files, modified afterwards and stored for later use in the appropriate LDorado modules.


To cover any variant and any option of a real built car, normally many different sheets with nearly the same but though little different content must be handled. Not with LDorado Design! The so-called 150% content allows storing any variant and any option in only one sheet. Only the combination of modules is selected and the real 100% configuration is selected later.


When LDorado Amend is activated modifying the wire harness drawing at any step within the development process leads to an entire digital amendment documentation containing its according history.


LDorado Design enables the creation of full scaled formboard drawings for wire harness production. Typical results of formboard drawings like HP-GL/2 plot files, bill of material or wire lists may easily be created. Even more production data like for checking, cutting, welding, insulating or sealing can be exported.


LDorado Vestigo allows displaying and analyzing of the entire electrical design. The standard functionality may be extended writing own macro procedures in C# or MS Visual Basic. Any routine available in these programming languages extends the functionality already provided by LDorado Vestigo and allows shortening recurring works.


LDorado Vestigo exports data as PDF, BOM or Excel documents. Redlining information is passed back to LDorado Design but doesn’t manipulate the original document. LDorado Vestigo is dedicated to works outside the engineering department for simple up to complex tasks.


The LDorado Variant Wizard defines logical relations between variants and options of a real equipped car and the corresponding wire harness modules. This matrix may be used in LDorado Vestigo and LDorado Cost Accounting for controlling customer specific module creation for cost effective wire harness production. These electrical systems data may be passed over to LDorado Cost Accounting to act as a basis for cost calculations. LDorado Cost Accounting allows the creation of “virtual factories” to describe the different real production sites of the customer by setting up customer specific rules. A wire harness design, drawn in LDorado Design is now treated inside the “virtual factories” to create a mass-time-framework.


LDorado Sales based on these results identifies any component of the wire harness and calculates quantity, material and labor costs and the necessary production times. Various export formats for analyzing, verifying and reporting allow effective usage later, e.g. mainly for submitting a quote to the OEM.


This team-play between various LDorado modules gives highest flexibility and fast and accurate calculation results to suppliers.