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LDorado at BMW


BMW AG BMW AG, Munich/Germany


BMW Group Research and Innovation Center (FIZ), MunichCOMSA is partner in the field of wiring harness development since the middle of the 80. The responsibilities includes the areas:

  • Analysis, planning
  • Conception, design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance, training, support


Until the turn of the millennium Comsa has focused in contract development on the BMW's own harness development system GRIVAD.  Comsa currently keep care of this for expiring vehicle projects.


Since 2007, the successor system LDorado is in operational use at BMW. LDorado Server covers the entire harness development process at BMW.


End of 2010 Comsa could prevail with LDorado Design in a competition for a wiring harness design tool. After an intensive test phase in 2011, the pilot project was launched in December 2011 for two vehicle projects and on 31.3.2012 successfully completed. From mid-June 2012, the productive operation of LDorado Design is going to be started.