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LDorado Design

2D Topology created fast and easily
With LDorado Design a Harness definition will be created and documented, however it is a complex customer specific or a autarkical Harness. LDorado design is the core of the entire development process. The harness documentation can start with a blank drawing or it will be topology data from a 3D application such as Catia V5 based on the KBL interface imported. With a few actions, the data can be transferred...


LDorado Tweaker

Symbols drawn fast and easily
LDorado Tweaker allows the creation of LDorado conformal plugs and the definition of part structures of libraries. Focus is producing and/or optimizing symbols and defining the bundle position points. Existing symbols can be read in importing DXF or SVG files. The use of symbols in other applications is guaranteed by exporting data in SVG format...


LDorado Design Viewer

Viewing LDorado Documents
By embedding the symbols into the original LDorado Design document or by allowing direct access to the master database an exact representation of the drawing is displayed as it is in LDorado Design. All document structures (modules, routes, connectors, etc.) are maintained during viewing and can be used for highlighting or hiding parts of the drawing...


LDorado Vestigo

Visualizing and Enriching KBL and LDorado Documents
LDorado Vestigo is the newest tool in the LDorado family. It offers a variety of opportunities for visualization, analysis and processing of data from LDorado design and LDorado Gole SE. In LDorado Vestigo contents can be extracted and enriched in the data sets in order to use this in subsequent work processes (eg production) can effectively and easily. The data transfer to LDorado Vestigo is realized with the HCV container...



LDorado Cost Accounting


Build Virtual Plant to Create Time-Quantity-Schemas
Running calculations based on KBL is very flexible, the results obviously dependant upon the accuracy of data the file contains. Everything influencing the costs may be defined within KBL. Calculations may consist of material costs and for more detailed calculations time schedule catalogues which depend upon time necessary for manual or mechanical fabrication. These catalogues may be clearly arranged by using simple formulas, also well...