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Systems Design with LDorado

LDorado is an industry leading engineering tool for assisting electrical systems design and is wide spread within the development departments of premium car manufacturers and international acting automotive suppliers. The components of the broad LDorado tool suite cover the whole electrical design process by using the KBL standard - from the first system sketch down to production documentation.

The sophisticated change management documentation of LDorado allows replacing the old fashioned way of manual sketching on paper. So different variants of the design may be derived very easily.


Exporting geometrical data from 3D CAD models enables the use of already existing data and helps optimizing costs during the design process. This leads to different options and a full flexibility in the production process.


LDorado meets the Challenges of the Electrical System Design



The Challenge

Development cycles become shorter and shorter for car manufacturers. Less product engineering time is available and has to be used as effective as possible. This comes along with increasing quality requirements and decreasing costs at the same time,  and with a higher number of car variants as a matter of course.


This challenge can be faced with a powerful and easy to use software tool suite for electrical engineering using a standard format to interchange data between logical and physical harness design and production engineering.

The Solution

LDorado offers a broad software tool suite for electrical system design and wire harness engineering, analysis, cost calculations and data management.


Data may be created, modified and updated easily. Upcoming costs may be validated at any step during the design process.


LDorado covers the whole design, development and production process with an integrated software solution.


This is ensured by controlled update mechanisms within the logical and physical system and the wire harness design. Many ways of reporting and visualization are based on these homogeneous data.


Even the communication with suppliers is based on these data in industry standard format KBL, a definition of the German Automotive Association VDA. This makes it fast and robust and allows the usage of other 3rd party software tools without converting data.


LDorado’s project, version and change management ensures a save and comprehensive process flow between different customer sites.