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COMSA celebrates 25th Anniversary

Six employees of Computervision Inc. founded COMSA GmbH on November 15th, 1984. It was not foreseeable at this time that it would become a very successful company.


After supporting known customers at the beginning COMSA started very early developing own products and enhancing of existing packages for the German market. The time of a successful marketing of the PC version of Medusa began and led to more or less frequent confrontations with the various Medusa owners.


Medusa was the kernel of CABLOS, the BMW harness design system. That was the entrance to the harness business for COMSA. Since that the know-how in dealing with OEMs and the suppliers developed further on.


In 2002 COMSA took the chance, to combine its experience from product development with the know-how from wiring harness development and started developing LDorado, the benchmark for many competitors within this range meanwhile.


LDorado is well known now on both sides, on OEM and suppliers side. And worldwide, too. End even a OEM wants to keep his existing wire harness development tool, he at least accepts LDorado drawings from their suppliers.


To enhance the worldwide sales and support activities, COMSA has two partners, which are present worldwide: T-Systems and ECS/MAGNA. Even for them it was a strategic decision, to rely on LDorado.

Sunday, 15. November 2009