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LDorado in OEM Trucks and Busses Environment

With the increasing use of electronically controlled systems in commercial vehicles and the consequent rapid increase of the electrical system are growing the challenges. About in the 70s of last century, the use of the first electronic systems began in the commercial vehicle area. Initially very simple stand-alone applications began with the electronic engine management system, the electronically controlled brake control systems, as well as the introduction of navigation and fleet management systems, the steep increase in the electronics applications and, consequently, a significant increase in complexity in the electrical system.

More and more data and control signals are exchanged between the various electronic components on the electrical system. This trend is accelerating steadily because new application fields such as radar and image processing are added.The future trends, such as the integration of wire harness modules from different suppliers into one vehicle and update or upgrade capability of commercial vehicles across the entire product life cycle almost force the use of modern electrical system and wiring harness design concepts such as the LDorado family.