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Suppliers and Supply Chain

LDorado in Suppliers and Supply Chain Environment

The fast progress of the global automotive market does not stop at the cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers. On the contrary. In order to achieve new goals, also electrical system and wiring harness suppliers are encouraged to develop structural concepts, and to find in a common definition process, ideas that results in functionally superior, innovative and competitive solutions. The leading suppliers position themselves in the area of automobile electrical system and wiring harness solutions to meet already today the tomorrow’s challenges and see themselves as partners in the value creation of innovative designs.


Supply Chain
Looking back at the beginning of the usage of electrics / electronics in the car, an almost exponential increasing growth of electrical system complexity in the vehicle can be recognized. The backside of this medal lies in addressing of the rapidly growing electrical system complexity, the challenge of integrating wiring harness into a reliable overall system and in the management of a distributed supply chain (OEM - 1st Tier - 2nd Tier) in a rather reduced development period.


The interaction of the vendors in the supply chain (OEM - 1st Tier- 2nd Tier) results in roles and partnerships that have to be worked out in terms of a mutual win-win situation. This raises questions about the costs assessment for production efforts for wiring harnesses, according to the overall responsibility for the electrical system platform, the responsibility for approval and documentation that today can be answered with the modules of the LDorado family (e.g. cost accounting). The development dynamic and the increasing electrical system complexity join to a common mutually reinforcing challenge. With the mastery of this key requirement by usage of the defined KBL-interface, the LDorado process creates conditions, with thus developments over the complex supply chain - from OEM to the 2nd Tier - can be managed.


LDorado in use


LDorado at Eugen Forschner

LDorado at Nexans