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LDorado Cost Accounting

Time and material results

LDorado Cost Accounting 2.0 allows a flexible definition / transfer of customer specific business logic regarding assembly information (e.g. plan times).
Within the scope of the calculation, harness data from previous processes, in either KBL or HCV format, are imported and according to the previously defined calculation logic, each harness element is enriched with the correct labour time and the amount of material used.
Based on these time and material results, as well as material price information and various additional parameters, the resulting cost components and prices can be calculated and evaluated.  
For each stage of the calculation process, LDorado Cost Accounting 2.0 offers functionality for analysing, verifying or exporting the created results to different output formats.  
The customer specific calculation logic is created and maintained on a server, ensuring it is accessible to any workplace in a convenient and reliable way.